Friday, January 4, 2008

Some New Year's Portraits: Cause and Effect

This New Year's party was a lot more fun than most. Nobody had any emotional breakdowns, people got sick, but not in my vicinity, there were a lot of my best friends there and even more people I didn't know (including University of Kentucky's basketball phenom A.J. Stewart [bros!]), and best of all I had my brand new camera to document the occasion (which I very rarely remembered to use.) Most of the group shots were too crowded to really create any kind of composition, so here are a few of my favorite intimates:


She is the Arthur Fonzarelli to my Richie Cunningham

These kids are Kentucky's answer to the CobraSnake.

He is literally scoffing at Mark Hunter

Him too.

Me? I'm just jammin' (sans glasses plus neck tattoo.)


RIP Foosball Table
NOTE: This is not a metaphor for the horrors of underage drinking.

The next morning the living room had been converted into a Grapes of Wrath-esque shanty-town full of strange Freshmen huddled under improvised sheets. I officially declare "schadenfreude" to be the rallying cry of the new year.

It was almost such a good time that it was anticlimactic in a way. There wasn't really anything I would identify as a dramatic transitional moment.

Happy 2008 y'all!

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